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Ventilation & HRUs

A range of balanced supply and extract heat recovery ventilation units, with direct drive fans, control package options, accessories, and primarily designed for schools, offices, hotels, carehomes etc.


Many options & accessories including: 

  • Recupovents & Shallovents
  • Control packages
  • Weatherproofing (Recupovents)
  • Floor Mounted or Suspended
  • Side by Side or Double Satcked
  • Electric, LPHW or DX heating/cooling

Also, the new 'Recupopak' with integral Heat-Pump fully packaged units are available suitable for indoor applications only, and designed for suspending with bottom access.

Recupovent HRU
Recupovent HRU
Shallovent HRU
Shallovent HRU
Recupopak RCF Heat Pump HRU
Recupopak RCF HRU
Control Panels
Control Panels
Shalloline FTA
Shallowline FTA
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Shallovent & Factory Wired Control Panel
Shallovent & Factory Wired Control Panel