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AHU Condition Reports,Refurbishment & Reconditioning

AHU air handling unit  condition reports, refurbishment & reconditioning






Thermal Technology offer a condition report and AHU refurbishment service, which typically comprises:

  • Survey AHUs and produce a condition report
  • Quotation for refurbishment and/or replacement
  • Method statement & risk assessment
  • Options to upgrade plant and reduce energy consumption e.g install higher efficiency fans, inverter speed control, reduce static pressure losses, advise on control strategies etc
  • Clean fans and regrease or replace bearings.  Replacement of fans if impellor significantly corroded, and replace with a new fan of the same specification, or of higher efficiency.
  • Replace motors if required, and offer a more efficient option to save energy
  • Change and tension drive belts.
  • Replace torn flexible connections.
  • Replace failed components such as anti-vibration mounts
  • Clean coils and check integrity of condensate drain trays.  Treat corrosion, repain or replace as applicable.
  • Clean and service heat recovery devices eg recuperators or thermal wheels.
  • Change filters 
  • Clean and grease dampers
  • Generally treat and repaint areas of corrosion
  • Fabricate any sheet metal work required at our workshop, and fit on site. 

All works are carried out by our qualified personnel, and our insurance covers Employers Liability, Public/Property Liability, and Contractors Risk.  

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